What kind of PVC attachments exists?

There are lots of different kind of PVC fittings with multiple different purposes, such as the drainage of rainwater. This page offers an overview of the different sorts of PVC fittings and their names. Click on one of the products for more information.

PVC bocht 45°PVC bocht 90°PVC S-bocht
PVC buisklem
PVC bends 45°PVC bends 90°PVC S-bendsPVC pipe clamp

PVC knie 45°
PVC knie 90°PVC T-stuk 45° PVC T-stuk 90° 
PVC elbow 45°
PVC elbow 90° PVC Tee 45°PVC Tee 90°

PVC Y-stuk
PVC kruisstuk
PVC draadeind
PVC draadkap
PVC Y-elbowPVC crossPVC adaptor niplePVC screwcap

PVC draadstop
PVC eindset
PVC lijmkap
PVC kogelkraan
PVC plugPVC endcap
PVC cap
PVC ball valve

PVC flensPVC kraagbus
PVC koppeling
PVC slangpilaar
PVC flange
PVC flange adaptorPVC adaptor unionPVC hose nozzle

PVC terugslagklep
PVC ring
PVC wartelmoerPVC africhtring
PVC checkvalvePVC reducing bushPVC union nutPVC ring/washer rubber

PVC sok
PVC verloopsok
PVC draadsokPVC buis
PVC socketPVC reducing socketPVC adaptor socketPVC pipe (straight)

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