Which types of PE accessories are available?

There are many PE accessories available for all kinds of applications, among which rain water drainage systems. This page contains an overview of the various types of PE accessories and their corresponding names. Click on an accessory for more details, or use the convenient Spare Parts Finder to search for the PE accessories you need.

PE buis
PE T-stuk
PE knie 45°
PE knie 90°
PE pipePE Tee-unitPE elbow 45°PE elbow 90°

PE kraagbus
PE eindkap
PE flens
PE mof
PE flanged bushPE End capPE FlangePE Socket

PE overgangskoppeling binnendraad
PE overgangskoppeling buitendraad
PE verloopstuk
PE zadel met aftak
PE transition coupling, internal thread
PE transition coupling, external thread
PE transition piecePE saddle with branch

PE zadel met spie-eind
PE zadel standaard
PE fittingstop
PE wartelmoer
PE saddle with spigot-end

PE saddle standardPE fitting stopPE fitting stop

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Questions about PE accessories
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