New assortment Royal Brinkman Webshop

In the past months, with great success Royal Brinkman has expanded the product range. Since today 9 suppliers joined the international Royal Brinkman webshop, adding more than 150 new items to the international webshop of the horticultural supplier. 

The expansion of the product range will substantially simplify your purchasing process as Royal Brinkman will have everything you might need. 


Ninebot- E-mobility
Segways user friendly transportation in large distribution centers, manufacturing and industrial buildings. 
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Bigbicycles- bicycles
Simplify internal transport with our bicycles!
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  Dibo-  High pressure cleaning
Royal Brinkman offers a new range of high pressure cleaners
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Drygair- Dehumidifiers
Optimize climate conditions and reduce humidity. 
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  Bekopak- Fruit and vegetable bowls
Differentiate your products with new packaging.
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  Chemona nano coatings
Protect your movable and immovable properties preventive against dirt
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  Holland Heater
  The Tape Factory
Lowara- Submersible pumps
Submersible pumps of the best quality for different purposes.
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Holland Heater - Heaters
High quality heaters with a long lifespan. 
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The tape factory - Taping bouquets
Bunch your flowers quick and easy with the Fresh Sealer
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