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Lutz PVDF TR3 liter counter 1"

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Lutz PVDF TR3 liter counter 1"

Item no. 070901335
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Lutz flow meter TR3 PVDF with connection for pump B2 Vario
Compact mechanical flow meter with electronic display for easy measurement of volumes for non-calibrated applications. Applicable for pure neutral liquids and various acids and alkalis; however not for plasticizers, solvents, ketones and aromatics. Measurement principle: through 2 rotating measuring contacts in an axial turbine.

Technical specifications

Flow rate: 5-20 l/minSmallest reading of non-returnable total is 1 liter
Solid particles: 150 μmCounting options: 8 resettable batch counts & one non-resettable total count
Temperature range: -10°C to +50°CMounting: Both horizontal and vertical possible
Nen pressure: max. 10 bar (at 20°C), burst pressure 20 barConnection: G1 external thread; including connection piece for mounting on B1 & B2- Vario/Batt pumpwork
Materials: measuring chamber & turbine wheel made of PVDFPower supply: 2 x 1.5 V AAA battery (included)
Protection class: IP65Battery service life: "when display is not illuminated" approx. 5 years/1 million litres
Display: 90° rotatable LED lighting, digital display

Dimensions: 85 x 123 x 52 mm

Weight: 0,24 kg

Smallest reading of measured value is 0,01 liter
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