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Atlanta Spraying trolley 200ltr 21ltr/100bar - WS102

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Atlanta Spraying trolley 200ltr 21ltr/100bar - WS102

Item no. 840002122
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The Atlanta spraying trolley is the newest in our assortment. With his tight design and integrated clean water tank this model is ready for the future. Because of the zinced wheel box in the tank the machine is low constructed. Therefore the fill opening is easy to reach. Just like the 120 liter Montana this machine is easy to use with the help of front operation.

Technical specifications (standard)

  • Polyethyleen tank 200 or 400 liter
  • Hydraulic stirrer in the tank
  • Hinged lid with deflation
  • Sieve tray in fill opening
  • Gauge
  • Filling pipe with Geka connection
  • 16 liter clean water tank
  • Plunger or diaphragm pump met with electric or gas engine
  • Depending on the type delivered with power board and plug or 10 meters string with plug


  • Handreel
  • Self rolling spring reel or electric reel
  • Two reals below and above each other
  • Sprayboom
  • Cable hook
  • Platform above pump set
  • Spray gun holder
  • Spraying gun
  • Hose


  • Capacity: 21 liter per minute
  • Workload: max. 130 bar
  • Tank content: 200 ltr.
  • Pump type WS202

Standard included, gauge  with graduations, hydraulic stirrer, filling pipe and clean water tank (16 liter)

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