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Georgia spray truck 1000ltr 60ltr/60bar-400V AB90 Empas

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Georgia spray truck 1000ltr 60ltr/60bar-400V AB90 Empas

Item no. 840001359
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Empas spray truck
The Georgia spray truck is built in such a way that all controls are placed on one side of the truck, preventing unnecessary walking around the truck. Even the filling opening is placed as far to the side of the tank as possible. Because of the countersunk wheelbases in the tank, the machine is constructed low and one can easily reach the filling opening of the tank. Because the suction hose is mounted at the bottom, the pump empties the tank completely, thus reducing residual liquid to an absolute minimum. In other words, a spraying trolley that is very user-friendly and that you can use for years to come.

The standard version includes:

Polyethylene liquid tank
Polyethylene clean water tank with drain valve, recessed in the large tank.
Sieve tank in the filling opening
Hinged lid with ventilation
Stir injector in the tank to optimally mix the spraying agents
Lockable suction filter, so that the filter can be easily cleaned when the tank is full
Leveling glass with scale per 50 litres, with drain valve
Filler pipe with GEKA connection and non-return valve mounted in the tank
Pressure relief valve mounted on the pump
4 x wheels 6 play with brake on front wheels
A powder coated frame

The spray truck does not include accessories such as a hose and a spray gun.
The version with plunger pump is suitable for pumping clean water, if necessary supplemented with soluble protective equipment.

Advantages of Empas spraying trucks

All controls on one side of the trolley
Machine is constructed low, so it is easy to reach the filling opening.
Residual liquid is limited to an absolute minimum
Easy to use with a long service life

Capacity 60 litres per minute

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