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Georgia spraying trolley 600ltr 45ltr/40bar-gasoline

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Georgia spraying trolley 600ltr 45ltr/40bar-gasoline

Item no. 840001403
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Spare parts


All the panels on the 3-wheel spraytrolley are designed on one side of the trolley, in order to avoid extra walks around the trolley. The tank is galvanised in order to lower the construction of the machine and in order to be able to reach filler. Because the hose is mounted in the bottom of the tank, the hose will drain the tank fully empty. The rest of the liquid will be minimized. Shortly the spraytrolley is very user friendly and last for years.

Standard product contains:

  • Polyethylene liquid tank
  • Sifter in the filler
  • Closable filter, in order to clean a full tank
  • Pressure release valve mounted on the pump
  • 3 wheels with brake on the front wheel
  • Powdercoated frame

Optional features

  • Stir injector in tank to optimize the mixation of the spray resources
  • Gauge glass with scale per 50 litres, including drain tap
  • Filling pipe with GEKA connection and recoil valve mounted in the tank
  • Mounted lance holder

Hose and spray gun are not included.
Spray trolley with plunger pump is suitable for pumping clean water, possibly extended with properly dissolved pesticides.

Technical specifications:

Capacity45 litres per minute
Pressure                            Max. 40 bar
DrivingHonda fuel engine Gx270LX/8.2 Pk 
Tank volume600 litres
Clean water tank volume16 litres
Pump typePA530                                             
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