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Harvest processing

Harvesting the crop, also known as harvest processing, is often labour-intensive. A number of tools are available to make harvesting easier. From various machines to supporting mats, Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of products for harvest processing.  

Harvest processing in horticulture

Harvesting crops in horticulture, whether they are flowers or fruit, is labour-intensive. In our assortment you will find tools for processing the harvest of different crops:

  • Harvesting in vegetable cultivation: the harvesting of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers is often done by using transport vehicles. During the sortation of these products, employees may have to stand for a long time. Supporting mats offer a solution and increase the comfort of standing work. Employees have less tired legs due to the use of a supporting mat, which enhances their productivity. Our specialists have listed a number of tips for working while standing during harvest processing.
  • Harvest processing in flower cultivation: the harvest processing of flowers involves many actions. For example, flowers need to be bundled with the use of boshing machines. In many cases, a deleafing machine is used in the cultivation of chrysanthemums. In addition to the bushing and deleafing of flowers in this segment, cutting and binding machines are often used to prepare the flowers for sale. All these tools can be found in our range of harvest processing products. 
  • Harvesting in potted plant cultivation: for the harvesting of potted plants, pot forks are used to place potted plants next to each other in order to place the potted plants at the correct width. Royalbrinkman.com is also the right place for expansion forks. 


Buying products for harvest processing

At Royal Brinkman you can find various products for harvest processing. Would you like advice on the possibilities of the various products for harvest processing? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days.


Harvest processing

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