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AC-E Roller (foil)

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AC-E Roller (foil)

Item no. 941900172
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Simple AC film (anti-condense film), remove, retract or replace screen cloth or atlas wires by the AC-E Roller. The AC-E Roller ensures significant workload reduction and labor saving. In case of 200 meter lanes, the eventual operation speed is around 3 minutes per section, which is almost 2 hectares (almost 5 acres) per hour with 2 men!

Advantages for you

  • Simple 
  • Higher operation speed
  • Workload reduction
  • Labor savings 
  • Use and Application

Use and Application
For retraction, the twine can be rolled up using this reel. The rolled up material can easily be removed from the conical core. The pipe rails locking system and the protection against overload guarantee safe and stable functioning of this machine. The speed is infinitely adjustable and the operation is executed by means of push buttons. Thanks to the direct transmission, the AC-E Roller is almost maintenance-free.

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Technical specifications

TreatmentPowder coatingLength1,160mm

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Other specifications

  • Delivered with mounted 16 ampere, 5-pole machine connection.
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