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Bio Chopper PTO Crop Shredder

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Bio Chopper PTO Crop Shredder

Item no. 941900003
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Crop Shredder | Bio Chopper PTO

The Bio Chopper PTO crop shredder is suitable for shredding various plant crops, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, strawberries and other soft fruit with coir, etc. The crop volume is reduced to approximately 20% of it`s original volume. This crop rotation machine is a budget-friendly alternative to the Bio Chopper Compact.

PTO connection at the front and rear
This Crop Shredder can be connected to the power take-off of a tractor on both sides (front or rear) and has a 360 degree rotatable ejector tube and, This ensures an efficiënt workflow in any situation. A 100 hp tractor is more than sufficient to clear approximately 2,500 - 5,000 m2 per hour (depending on the circumstances).

The Bio Chopper PTO Crop Shredder is very easy to operate and maintain. The front of the machine can be opened hydraulically, gaining quick access to the cutting blades for inspection or adjustment. The chopping unit is equipped with an automatic sharpening device which enables very easy and quick to sharpening of the the blades. An optional metal detector avoids damage to the blades due to metal pieces.

Maximum safety
The safety of this crop shredder is, of course, at the highest level. This chopper is therefore equipped with a double-channel safety circuit. The fabric winder is fully schielded by the WSS system and the intake unit is equipped with "touch detection" all around. Safety is not only ensured while working with the machine, but also during maintenance on the machine.

The Bio Chopper PTO works with reinforced transport canvas, On which the plants/crops are placed. The canvas is rolled up by the machine, whereby the crop is transported to the bio chopper and shredded. The shredded crop is dumped into a container By means of an ejector tube. The tipping container can be emptied by a forklift or wheel loader.

Crop shredder advantages for you

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Built to the latest safety standards.
  • Capacity of approximately 2,500-5,000 m2/hour (depending on conditions).
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Suitable for tight situations.


  • WSS safetysystem with full shielding around fabric winder and auger for maximum safety and efficiency
  • Force reducing roller tube on high torque intake unit
  • Safetybar with "touch detection"
  • Stainless steel intake auger for a fluent intake of all crops
  • Weterings shredder unit
  • Hydraulic opening and closing of the shredder unit for easy access
  • Automatic blade sharpening unit
  • 360 degrees slewable discharge tube
  • PTO supply on front- and back side
  • Integrated fabric steering


  • Iron detector
  • Lighting
  • Service pack
  • Tool kit professional
  • Transport fabric + steel cores
  • Buffer or crop waste container
  • Hydraulic buffer container 

Bio Chopper PTO Technical specifications

HW-number0751700Track width (mm)1040
Length in transport position (mm)2200 (transport), 2565 (swiveble discharge unit)Width tracks (mm)190
Width in transport position (mm)1824Ground clearance (mm)305
Height in transport position (mm)2170 (transport), 2512 (swiveble discharge unit)
Wheel base (mm)700Own weight (kg)2080
Shredding capacity (m2/u)2500-5000 (depending on circumstances)
Max. length transport mat(m)160
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