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Bio Hopper compact Crop waste handling machine

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Bio Hopper compact Crop waste handling machine

Item no. 941900074
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Bio Hopper Compact

The Bio Hopper Compact is a highly efficient crop rotation machine for removing all kinds of horticultural materials such as rockwool slabs, perlite, coco, tomato leaf and various crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, soft fuits, etc.) in greenhouses. The machine rolls up the transport canvas on which the material is drawn to the machine. The material is elevated by a conveyor, and dumped into a buffer container or tipping container. When a buffer container is used, the material can be driven out with a foliage fork.

Fast and versatile
The Bio Hopper Compact is remote controlled and driven by a powerful 55kW stage V Hatz diesel engine combined with a sophisticated hydraulic system, which enables high working speeds. This machine is designed for speed and multifunctionality, which makes it particularly suitable for larger nurseries and contractors. The logistics involved in driving out of the waste form the limit for the overall working speed.

Cleanout without worries
This Bio Hopper is equipped with high quality safety features, whereby the rolling up of the transport mat is fully protected by the WSS system. Combined with the safety doors, emergency stops and double-channel safety circuit, this machine offers the highest level of safety without any loss of efficiency!

Tight, straight and fold-free fabric winding
The fabric is steered by swivelling the machine by its caterpillar drive. The high-torque winding unit is equipped with a fabric support on bearings, which considerably reduces the pulling power required. The in height-adjustable spreader tube smoothens out the wrinkles.

The Bio Hopper XL is an alternative for the Compact, which is externally driven by a tractor, forklift or wheel loader.

Standard accessories

  • Wireless remote control
  • WSS safetysystem with full shielding around fabric winder for maximum safety and efficiency
  • Force reducing roller tube on high torque intake unit
  • In height adjustable spreader bar
  • Multifunctional safety doors
  • Crop conveyor belt with canvas and robust flights
  • Proportional hydraulic controlls
  • Load sensing hydraulic pump for maximum efficiency
  • Oil cooler
  • Cenveyor speed stepless adjustable
  • Fabric steering on the tracks for straight and foldfree rolling of the transport mat

Additional options

  • Flights on the conveyor
  • Lighting
  • Service Pack
  • Transport mat with steel cores
  • Tipping containers
  • Buffer containers
  • Foliage fork / clamp

Technical specifications

Dimensions LxWxH4081x 1750 x 2100 mmMax. drive speed2.1 - 3.8 km/h
Wheel base1,598 mmDischarge capacity4,000-10,000 m2/u
Track width970 mmMax. length ground cover200 m
Width tracks230 mmDiesel engineKubota V2403-M-T EU4 (42 kW)
Ground clearance190 mmOwn weight2,200 kg
Ground pressure tracks300 gr/cm2

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