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Bio Hopper EXTF-SC Elevating belt

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Bio Hopper EXTF-SC Elevating belt

Item no. 941900070
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The Bio Hopper EXTF-SC is mainly used for the removal of various soft fruit crops and substrates, such as strawberries and raspberries on coco during the crop rotation. The side conveyor belt enables large tippers (up to approx. 3.5m high) to be filled sideways, so that the number of transport movements during the crop rotation is reduced to a minimum.

Transport fabric
This Bio Hopper rolls up the Transport sheets and pulls the crop and substrate to the machine. The material is lifted by the extra long conveyor belt, after which the sideways conveyor belt dumps it in a high tipping trailer. In this way, large crop volumes are easily and cleanly removed.

User friendly and efficiënt
The EXTF-SC is equipped with an independent steering system for neatly rolling up the Transport fabric. This makes it possible to swivel the winding units and steer the fabric during the winding process. One can work on both sides of the machine. The discharge belt can eject the plant material both to the left and right side. The Bio Hopper EXTF-SC is equipped with a fabric support with bearings, which allows long, heavy rows of material such as strawberries on coir, coco peat and other soft fruits to be pulled in easily. The machine is also equipped with a in height-adjustable wheel set, so that this crop rotation machine can be adjusted to any desired working height.

Safety on the highest level
The electrically operated safety doors and fully shielded fabric winder ensure a safe working environment.

PTO drive
The Bio Hopper EXTF-SC is equipped with a PTO driven hydraulic unit, complete with oil cooler. A tractor from 80 HP is sufficient to move and drive the Bio Hopper EXTF-SC. The Bio Hopper EXTF-SC requires a supply voltage of 12V/15A

Compact dimensions
The main conveyor belt is easily folded and the discharge belt is hydraulically extendable. Fully collapsed and retracted the required space for storage or transport is minimal.


  • Standard guide tubes (2x)
  • Bar tape with canvas cloth
  • Height adjustable drawbar eye: Cat.2-Ø25,7 / Cat.3-Ø37,6
  • Support leg with spindle
  • Safety doors instead of shield plate
  • Onboard hydraulic unit with drive by PTO 80 ltr/min


  • Guide rollers bearing
  • Lighting
  • Ground cover with cores

Technical specifications

Main dimensions (mm)Length: 9615 / 7568Max floor cloth length (m):160
Width: 1668Hydraulic working pressure (bar):120-220
Height: 4771 / 2897Hydraulic flow (ltr/min.):40-100
Track width (mm)1635Supply voltage:12VDC ~ 15A
Tire size:400/60-15,5"x13 (2x)Own weight (kg):2800
Drainage capacity (m2/u)3000-7500 (depending on circumstances)


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