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Leaf vacuum sweeper 13hp HABL

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Leaf vacuum sweeper 13hp HABL

Item no. W00001785
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Leaf vacuum 13pk by Verhagen Leiden, with driver's seat

This leaf vacuum was designed especially for the pipe rail system to remove foliage from the paths even more quickly and more efficiently. The drive speed is infinitely adjustable, varying from 0-8 km/hour. The height of the nozzle of the leaf vacuum is hydraulically adjustable and when driving onto or off the pipe rail system, the castor wheel at the rear of the leaf vacuum hydraulic can also be controlled from the driver's seat. This leaf vacuum works 2 to 3 times as fast as the walking model.

The nozzle sucks up the dirt from the path and subsequently it is shredded and disposed of in the container. This container can be emptied afterwards.


  • Works twice as fast
  • Automatically controllable
  • Collection capacity of 100 liters
  • More light in the greenhouse due to optimal reflection

This machine can be fitted with multiple specifications, request a quote for more information.

  • Switch for the nozzle, for the dashboard, for the hydraulics system or for driving forward/backwards.
  • Hydraulic pump
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