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Mega Bio Chopper

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Mega Bio Chopper

Item no. 941900053
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This clearing machine is developed for the shredding or hacking of horticultural crop, like: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, strawberries, carnations, roses and similar cultivations.

By means of ground cover the crop is transported to the shredder. The transport mat is rolled-up and the crop is shredded and collected in a demountable buffer container. The crop volume is reduced to about 20% of the original volume.

Two forklifts with 3,800 l. tipping containers are required to be able to work continuously. Every forklift driver can control the emptying of the buffer container remotely.

The machine is additionally fitted with a pivoting blowpipe, pivotable cloth rollers , a pivotable loader unit and an remote control.

Technical specifications

HW-number0751950Track width (mm)1,900
Length in transport position (mm)7,401 (with buffer container), 5,185 (without buffer container)Width tracks (mm)400
Width in transport position (mm)2,300Ground clearance (mm)89
Height in transport position (mm)2,996 (with buffer container), 2248 (without buffer container)Ground pressure tracks (gr/cm2)410
Wheel base (mm)2280Own weight (kg)7,500
Max.  drive speed (km/u)1.5 (normal) / 2.8 (rapid advance)OptionsIllumination
Max. content buffer (m3)4.0Tool kit
Shredding capacity (m2/u)5000-13000 (depending on circumstances)Iron detector
Max. length ground cover (m)200Tension spring for guiding tube
Diesel engineJohn Deere 4045HFC93 (Tier4i / 129 kW)Hydraulic pulling winch
Ground cover with cores
Waste containers
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