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Super Chopper Compact HI550-620

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Super Chopper Compact HI550-620

Item no. 941900048
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Super Chopper

The Super Chopper Compact is ideal for shredding of heavy vegetable plants / crops. Where the Bio Chopper Compact has more than sufficient HP's in most situations, the Super Chopper Compact offers 75% more HP's for greenhouses with heavy tomato or pepper crops. This ability translates into extra speed, so that the clean out time is even further reduced.

In addition, this crop shredder is suitable for the crop rotation of cucumbers, eggplants, strawberries on coir, raspberries on coir, blueberries, etcetera. The crop volume is reduced to about 20% of the original volume.

The Super Chopper Compact is easy to operate and maintain. This crop rotation machine is built according to the latest safety standards and has capacity of approximately 3500-8000 m2/hour (depending on the logistical conditions). It's compact dimensions make this machine ideal for narrow situations. This machine includes an auto-sharpener for the cutting-blades, an hydraulic system to open up the machine which makes maintenance and cleaning easy, a swivable discharge unit, an optional metal detector to avoid damage to the cutting blades, hydraulic loading and unloading of the transport fabric, and more impressive features.

The combination with a buffer container and hydraulic tipping containers provides a significant increase in efficiency and working speed.

Super Chopper Compact Technical specifications:


  • John Deere air/liquid cooled four stroke diesel engine type 4045HI550 (94kW);Tier 4 / Stage V with regeneration system (DOC/DPF/SCR); 
  • Max. rotation speed of the engine is 2200 rpm; 
  • The engine is equipped with engine protection sensors (temperature, oil pressure, Alternator);

Intake / Chopping -unit:

  • Supply of plants in the front of the Bio Chopper;
  • Intake system with auger for the intake of large volumes;
  • 620mm chopping unit; 
  • Hydraulic sharpening unit;
  • Hydraulic fabric loading unit
  • Shredding capacity: ± 3500 - 7500 m²/hour (depending on logistical circumstances);


  • A two speed caterpillar undercarriage provided with rubber tracks in order to avoid damage to concrete floors;
Effective length track plates:± 1.400 mm
Width tracks:± 230 mm
Total width undercarriage:± 1.750 mm

Controls / Hydraulics:

  • One open hydraulic system with load sensing pump;
  • Danfoss proportional hydraulics; 
  • The Bio Chopper is fully secured by emergency stops and a double channel safety circuit.

Sizes / weight Super Chopper Compact HI550-620:

Length± 2.660 mm
Width± 2.665 mm
Height± 2.200 mm/2.600 mm (with swivable discharge unit) 
Distance to soil of undercarriage± 200 mm
Speed± 2,1 km/hour (normal) and ± 3,8 km/hour (fast)
Weight3.400 kg

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