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Enbar LVM

The Enbar LVM (Low Volume Mist) has been a well-known name in horticulture for many years. The fans spread the mist through the crop and distribute it optimally inside the greenhouse. LVM is a space treatment, just like fogging, where crop protection agents are sprayed. However, there is a difference between this two techniques. Please contact our specialist if you are not sure which technique to use.
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819001211 Enbar fixed unit exclusive control cabinet U2
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819321338 Enbar mob. 22/u3 puska 400v PLC
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819321346 Enbar mobiel 1/u3 puska 400v plc
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Using the Enbar LVM

For the best results and a safe working method, it is important that you use the Enbar LVM in the right way. Our specialists describe everything about putting the Enbar LVM into operation, preventilating, filling and starting, stopping the installation and restarting after an emergency stop or power interruption.

Maintenance Enbar LVM

For a safe working method and the best result, it is important that you correctly maintain the Enbar LVM. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on cleaning, compressor maintenance and air filters. Always pay attention to the right safety measures.

Fault rectification

After purchasing an Enbar LVM, it may happen that malfunctions or other problems occur. For a safe working environment, it is important that the faults are solved as quickly as possible. Our specialists have listed the most common faults for you.

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