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Cold water high pressure cleaner ECN-M 220/16 220b

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Cold water high pressure cleaner ECN-M 220/16 220b

Item no. 941901612
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Cold water high pressure cleaner ECN-M 220/16

This powerful industrial high pressure cleaner can be deployed in various sectors for heavy cleaning tasks. This model is available
in different engine /pump combinations to supply high pressures and/or large quantities of water.

Frame and tank

  • A powder-lacquered steel frame; prevention from corrosion and robust
  • High quality materials: UV-resistant and thick walled rotation casted polyethylene in combination with stainless steel 
    • Very solid, colourfast and scratch protection and no corrosion
  • 2 industrial casters; stability and manoeuvrability
  • Integrated detergent tank with detergent injector (50 l); large capacity and very userfriendly

Motor and pump

  • A powerfull radial high pressure pump with 3 ceramic plungers; For intensive use and an extended long lifetime
  • A brass/nickel-plated pump head; No corrosion
  • Flexible engine/pump coupling; Silent operation and protection of the electric motor
  • Low-speed motor; Less wear
  • The ECN-M series is available in various versions (i.e. motor ratings).

Standard accessories:

  • Double spraying lance with high- and low-pressure nozzle; Chemicals and stepless pressure regulation
  • Single spray lance with rotating high-pressure nozzle; Powerful water jet
  • High-pressure gun; Large manoeuvrabilty of the wash gun
  • 10 m high pressure hose; Extended reach
  • 5 m electric cable; Extended reach

Optional accessories:

  • Supplement for automatic start/stop system; for a longer lifetime
  • Supplement for hose reel with 20 m HP-hose < 260 bar
  • Supplement for hose reel with 40 m HP hose < 260 bar
  • Convert into 3 x 230 V

Technical specifications

Working pressure30 - 220 BarLength1083 mm
Flow rate180 - 960 L/uWidth597 mm
Max. supply water temp.60°CHeight968 mm
Motor rating7,0 kWWeight109 Kg
Power supply3 x 400 VChemical tank50 L

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