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EC + pH meter + case

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EC + pH meter + case

Item no. 081301863
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EC & PH meter

The Elmeco EC & PH meter is a reliable measurement tool to determine the EC and pH values in your water. The meter is suitable to measure irrigration water, drain water and silo/bassin water. The Meter form Elmeco is a reliable measurement tool and very easy to calibrate.

EC is the abbreviation for 'Electrical Conductivity'. This conductivity is a measure of the salt content of a solution. PH is the abbreviation of ‘power of hydrogen’. A measure of acidity of water soluble substances.


  • Reliable measurements.
  • Easy to calibrate.
  • Including calibration fluids
  • Suitable for measurements of irrigation water, drain water, and silo/bassin water.

Technical specifications

EC meter pH meter
Method Measuring cup Plug probe
Range 0 - 20 mS 0 - 14 pH
accuracy 0,03 mS at 20°C 0,01 pH

Dimensions     155 x 90 x 45 mm

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