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Pumps, irrigation pumps and circulation pumps

Pumps are used in professional horticulture for various purposes. For irrigation pumps, dosing pumps, waterjet pumps, circulation pumps and iwaki pumps you have come to the right place at Royal Brinkman.

Pumps in horticulture

In the horticultural sector, pumps are used mainly for pumping water and nutrients. Royal Brinkman offers irrigation pumps and drip systems pumps, ebb and flow systems. You can also contact one of our service technicians for malfunctions and maintenance. 

Range of pumps

The range of pumps consists of different pumps:
  • Irrigation pumps: Irrigation pumps are suitable for the supply and moving of water. The supply of fertiliser and food can also be distributed by means of a sprinkler pump.
  • Dosing pumps: dosing pumps are used in horticulture for dosing disinfectants, for example, to kill viruses and fungi.
  • Immersion pumps: Immersion pumps are mainly used to pump away excess water such as drainage water or rainwater. 
  • Iwaki pumps: Iwaki pumps are centrifugal pumps where the pump section is driven by a magnet. Iwaki pumps are used for the transport and circulation of chemicals. 
  • Circulation pumps: Circulation pumps are used for the flow of hot water in heating systems. 
  • Waterjet pumps: a waterjet pump continuously adds liquids to the water flow. Waterjet pumps work on the Venturi effect: the narrowing increases the velocity of the liquid, reducing pressure and creating a vacuum. 
  • Garden irrigation pumps: garden irrigation pumps are used to water the garden and lawn. 
Questions about choosing the right pump? Please contact one of our Technical specialists. 

Spare parts for pumps

Are you looking for parts for your pump? Then use the Spare Parts Finder and find the right part in three steps!
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