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EZI-Action pump white 25L 420mm 0,16L/slg

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EZI-Action pump white 25L 420mm 0,16L/slg

Item no. 070802526
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The range of liquid products being dispensed with Ezi-action® Drum pumps expands all the time.
If it is fluid even if viscous (honey like substance), or containing mild solvents it can be pumped! Robust polypropylene plastic and polyethylene plastic construction of this innovative dispensing equipment mean the Ezi-action® drum pumps have excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. With Ezi-action® drum pumps there is no requirement to change seals for different chemicals and is suitable with certain mild solvents including alcohols.

 Easy to Use

  • Two fingers on the ergonomically designed ball handle is all the energy required for hand pumping and fluid transfer
  • Pumps viscous fluids up to 8,800 cps including oils, lubricants, molasses, and moisturisers
  • Easy performance throughout the lifetime of the pump

Reliable and Economical

  • Revolutionary, patented double action pumping principle
  • No critical wearing parts to wear or break.
  • Fast, continuous flow. High volume, low pressure
  • Reaches to the base of drum or container and empties all the contents
  • Prevents waste with swivel spout and no leaking
  • 24 month manufacturer's warranty
  • Manufactured in New Zealand and USA
  • Only fully serviceable hand pump in the world
  • Provides years of reliable dispensing

Excellent Chemical Compatibility and are Food Safe

  • Made from FDA compliant, superior quality polypropylene and LDPE gives Ezi-action® Drum Pumps a very broad chemical resistance: including mild solvents
  • Acid resistant, caustic resistant, and resistant to chlorine based chemicals
  • Pumps soaps, cleaning chemicals, sanitisers, teat dip, liquid fertilizers, antifreeze, AdBlue, battery acid, and moisturisers
  • Pumps liquid foods: including water, milk, olive oils, acetic acids, sauces, food colouring, honey, and molasses
  • Japanese Food Hygiene Approved
  • Manufactured under conditions that will assure liquids will not be contaminated during transfer

Effective Safety Features

  • Safety strap effectively locks handle and secures contents, preventing use by children and unauthorised people
  • Prevents workplace accidents with no excessive bending to pour contents
  • No problems of spillages or leaking of liquids
  • Enclosed dispensing via our optional Ezi-action® Safety Measure makes dangerous chemical transfer safer
  • Optional coloured safety straps for product differentiation and controlling cross contamination

Controllable Siphon Action

  • Ezi-action® Drum Pumps are able to siphon if a long hose is attached to the standard straight spout
  • Siphoning can be completely prevented with the accessory Ezi-action® Non-Siphon Check Valve on hosing


Output stroke160 ml (6oz)With of case pipe42 mm (1 1/2 inches)
Maximum depth neck to bottom420 mm (16 1/2 inches)Length of Spout160mm (6 inches)
Width of spout20 mm (Spout opening fits 19 mm (3/4 inch) diameter extender hose)Recommended Ezi-action® Adapter Fittings *C57BS & C63 (Europe)
Length of Spout160mm (6 inches)C69 (USA)
C55  & C63 (Australia & NZ)
* Fitting for all container styles available.


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