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Alumastar Proximity Sensor M18

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Alumastar Proximity Sensor M18

Item no. 084400680
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Omron E2 A proximity switch, depth 59mm, recognition principle inductive, structural design casing cylinder. Screw thread, design switch output PNP - NO, 1 make contact unit, supply voltage 12 - 24V, Voltage Type of DC, wire size (M..) 18, pitch screw thread 1mm, screw thread length 39mm.


Class:Inductive proximity switchStructural design casing:Cylinder, screw thread
Serie/program:Proximity sensors Coating casing:Other
Width sensor:18mmCascading:Ja
Height of the sensor:18mmCategory according to EN 954-1:B
Length of sensor:59mm Performance Level according to EN ISO 13849-1:Level a
Diameter sensor:18mm Max. Output current in case of secured output:200mA
Mechanical installation requirements for sensor:Concise Supply voltage:0 - 0V
Switching distance:8mmNom. control voltage Us in case of AC 50HZ:0 - 0V
Suitable for safety function:No Nom. control voltage Us in case of AC 60HZ:0 - 0V
Design switching element:Make contact unit Nom. control voltage Us in case of DC:12 - 24V
Design switch output: PNPNom. coil voltage Us in case of DC:12 - 24V
Design electrical connection:CableVoltage type:DC
Number of semiconductor outputs with notification function:1Switching frequency:500Hz
Number of contact endorsed outputs with notification function:0With monitoring function Additionally connected devices:No
Number of secured semiconductor outputs:0Material casing:Metal
Number of secured contact endorsed outputs:0Pressure-resistant:No
Type of authentication:Metal-like Target Explosion safety category for gas: None
Design of the interface:NoneExplosion safety category for substance:None
Design interface for safety communication:NoneSIL conform IEC 61508:
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