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Powder Sprays

Powder sprays are used for local spraying of rock melen such as basalt meal and lava meal. View the range of powder sprays.
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Powder sprays in horticulture

Powder sprays are used in professional horticulture as a tool for controlling various diseases and pests. With the help of a powder spray, pesticides can be sprayed on a small scale. Lava meal, basalt flour, pollen and sulphates are substances that can be evenly spread by means of a powder spray through the production of a powder cloud. The pesticide can be placed in the reservoir of the powder sprays. Royal Brinkman offers the Bobby powder sprays from Birchmeier in its range.  

Besides the powder sprays Royal Brinkman also offers the Ripa granulate spray in its assortment. Granulate spray are part of distribution equipment for crop protection products in solid form. Surfaces can easily be fertilized using a granulate spray. 
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