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Vibri Vario Tomato Pollination

A Vibri Vario, or tomato pollination is traditionally used in tomato cultivation. The flowers of the trusses are vibrated to release the pollen and to promote tomato pollination of the plant. To make the work efficient and easy, Royal Brinkman has the Vibri Vario tomato vibrator in its range. The tomato pollination machine tool on a 12 Volt battery, is strong and noiseless. In addition, the device is a lightweight device and we offer various helpful tomato pollination accessories. The Vibri Vario tomato vibrator is an alternative to natural tomato pollination with bumblebees and bees.
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Electric tomato pollination in horticulture

Previously, electric tomato pollination was often used to release the pollen from the flowers. By using a tomato pollinator, the plants are vibrated mechanically. As a result, the pistil and the pollen were brought into contact with eachother. In this way, tomatoes are pollinated and the tomatoes can grow. Nowadays, bumblebees are increasingly used in professional horticulture to promote the pollination of tomatoes in a natural way. The advantage of bumblebees is that it does not require any labour, in contrast to the tomato vibrator, which requires a lot of work. Do you want more information about tomato pollination? Contact our tomato pollination specialist to receive more information.

Buying electric tomato pollinators for tomato pollination

On royalbrinkman.com you can find a wide range of tomato pollination products for horticulture. On top of that, we also offer bumblebees for horticulture. Would you like to receive personal advice or more information? Please feel free to contact one of our specialist Crop control or read our article about tomato pollination in horticulture.
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