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Brinkman flower trolley

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Brinkman flower trolley

Item no. 940603012
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* Easy and cost-effective way of transport
* For multifunctional usage: transport, storage and display
* The trolleys can be custom made
* Different sizes and colors are possible
* Also available in extra strong version

Danish trolley
The Danish trolley is specially designed for the horticultural industry and is most commonly used for pot plants and flowers. The trolleys can be custom made and delivered in any color.
External dimensions: 1.350 x 565 x 1.900 mm
Internal dimensions: 1270 x 545 x 1.735 mm
Weight of chassis: 15 kg
Weight of upright: 2,3 kg
Weight of shelf: 4,5 kg
Carrying capacity: 600 kg

Maestro trolley
The Meastro trolley is specially designed for the transport of flowers.
External dimensions : 1.310 x 1.020 x 1.900 mm
Weight of chassis : 30 kg 
Weight of shelf : 10,5 kg 
Weight of 1,80 m upright : 3,4 kg 
Carrying capacity : 400 kg 

Euro trolley
The Euro trolley is specially designed for transporting plants and flowers from the grower to the supermarket and shop.

External dimensions : 810 x 610 x 1.900 mm 
Weight of chassis : 12 kg 
Weight of shelf : 3 kg 
Weight of Euro upright : 2,5 kg 
Carrying capacity : 250 kg 

½ Danish trolley
The ½ Danish container is half the size of a normal Danish trolley, but has the same ease of use.
External dimensions : 675 x 565 x 1.900 mm 
Weight of chassis : 11,5 kg 
Weight of upright : 2,3 kg 
Weight of shelf : 2,6 kg 
Carrying capacity : 175 kg

Advise & information 
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