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Electric Tractor V-Move XL

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Electric Tractor V-Move XL

Item no. W00004085
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Electric Tractor V-Move XL

  • Motor 800 Watt DC
  • Towing capacity 3,500 kg
  • Windscreen speed stepless 0-6 km/h
  • Moving trailers
  • Tandem and ankle axles

V-move® XL the multifunctional powerhouse!

  • Thanks to the special belts and drive, the V-move® can be used on both hard and soft surfaces. You can use it on the riding school, camping, caravan storage, industrial complexes, assembly companies and many other places.
  • The V-move® XL can be used, among other things, for pulling and pushing: caravans, horse trailers, trailers, auction carts, Danish carts, boat trailers, assembly carts, set wagons, market wagons, sales wagons, barrel organs, material wagons, industrial trailers, helicopters, warehouse wagons, motor trailers, car trailers, aggregate wagons, spray wagons, emergency wagons and order pickers. The V-move® XL is truly MULTI deployable.
  • V-move® is the new brand and name for the Verhagen Leiden electric tractors. Previously also known as Multi-Mover.
Towing capacity3.500 kgHorn Yes
Voltage/ power24V 800 WattBattery charger

24V 8A external

Motor800 Watt DCBattery pack2x 12V 55 Ah maintenance free
DC Slope percentage15%Dimensions lxwxh 145 x 80 x 90
Brake deviceElectrical magnetWeight

130 kg incl. batteries

Forward speed0-6 km/hParking brakeYes
Reverse speed0-6 km/hOptional versionPull capacity: 5.000 kg (1.500 Watt)

Air tyres 150 x 6 x 6 cm

Maximum weight on vehicle200 kg
Battery indicatorYesDriveDifferential
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