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Harvest Trolley

Harvest trolleys are used in horticulture to harvest t in various crops. In addition to harvest trolleys, you can also find various seating trolleys with pneumatic tyres or tube rails for carrying-out low level work. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of Berg Hortimotive harvest trolleys.
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Ergon top castor 125mm 4gat
Ergon top starlock bonded cap
Grasshopper sit trolley 5400
Harvest wagon for roses Pagter 26-36cm pipe rail flange 43 c
Harvesting trolley steel 4wheel box 60x40
Leafpicktrolley 4 wheel 300x4 tractor
Picktr.alu cc 4wh 300x4 120x50
Picktr.alu cc 4wh 300x4 120x60
Pipe rail trolley seat 42,5 flange grammer
Platform for trolley 167x48cmx9mm
Rolling harvest rack for cluster tomatoes - 182cm (ctc 55/51
Rolling harvest rack for cluster tomatoes - 241cm
Rolling harvest rack for fluster tomatoes - 182cm
Rolling harvest rack for fluster tomatoes - 241cm
Seat trolley 4 wheels 300x4 Grammer
Sit wagon iron tractor seat, threaded rod, 4 swive
Strawberry harvest trolley piperail 125x65cm double layer
Transport trolley 168x47cm middle wheel, flange ro
Transport trolley 187x60cm middle wheel, flange roll, 550 mm
Transport trolley 242x47cm middle wheel, flange roll, 4 swiv
Water trolley 200-80-30x250cm wheel
Wheel 200x50mm alu/rubber for axle 25 mm
Wheel, Ø 200mm, elastic rubber tire, 400KG, aluminum rim
harvest trolley steel 4 wheel box 60x40cm solid tyres
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Harvest trolleys in horticulture

Harvest trolleys, greenhouse trolleys, strawberry picking trolleys or horticultural trolleys are of great value to many growers in the professional greenhouse horticulture. Greenhouse trolleys are often used in greenhouse horticulture for processing and transporting the harvest. Particularly during the harvesting of the crop, convenience is what counts for your employees. The harvest trolley can be used for various crops, whether it concerns the cultivation of tomatoes, roses, gerberas, for every crop there is a suitable solution. For the harvesting of tomatoes you can use automatic or manual tomato harvesting trolleys with roller conveyors. The harvest trolleys contain both swivel wheels and flange wheels, so that the trolley can be pushed over the tubular rail system as well as over the concrete path.

Various types of harvest trolleys, greenhouse trolleys or horticultural trolleys

Are you looking for a new harvest trolley? Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of different types of harvest trolleys, greenhouse trolleys and horticultural trolleys. Harvest trolleys from Berg Hortimotive, known as tomato trolleys, are very suitable for transporting fruit and vegetables in the greenhouse on pipe rails The heating pipes allow the trolleys to be pushed forward. With the help of a BeTrac electric tow tractor, trolleys are transported through the greenhouse. In addition to these harvest trolleys, Royal Brinkman also offers so-called pneumatic tyre wagons. This is a harvest trolley equipped with pneumatic tyres for transport over various flat backgrounds. These trolleys are suitable for both internal and external transport. Furthermore, the frame is made of steel. In addition, the harvest trolley range consists of various seating trolleys, transport trolleys, greenhouse trolleys, flower trolleys and strawberry picking trolleys. You can also find Automated Guided Vehicle harvest trolleys in our assortment. 

Buying harvest trolleys

Planning to buy a new greenhouse harvest trolley? Royal Brinkman offers a broad assortment Berg Hortimotive harvest trolleys, greenhouse trolleys and horticultural trolleys. Besides that, you can also find a wide range spare parts of Berg Hortimotive on royalbrinkman.com. In this way, you prevent standstill and the possibility from not being able to use the harvest trolley, greenhouse trolley or horticultural trolley. Would you like to get more advice or would like to have a customized harvest trolley? Please contact our technical specialists. They will be happy to advise you.
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