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Technical trade goods and mechanical engineering belong to the theme 'Mechanical equipment'. A team of specialists are providing sales and installation of products such as spray equipment, electric tractors, pipe rail trolleys, harvesting equipment, aluminum products, etc. The combination of excellent knowledge of horticulture, crops and expert advice will guarantee you the optimal solution for every situation. The goal is a fully functioning greenhouse business in which everything runs smoothly.

The product group mechanical equipment contains products for internal transport such as pipe rail trolleys, electric tractors and harvesting trolleys. Royal Brinkman has several partners for these products, especially Berg Hortimotive has been the main supplier of Royal Brinkman for long. Also for spray equipment, greenhouse roof cleaners and horizontal spraying booms you are at the right place, together with our partners Empas, Van der Waay Machinery and Robur we can advise you the best. Also for crop rotation machines and cleaning machines, please contact us. The entire range of Weterings and Dibo equipment are included in the Royal Brinkman range. The specialists are also active in the field of hygienic solutions. Disinfection mats and hygiene stations are provided by Boons-FIS and Flexxolutions. We will find a solution for every problem!

Within the product group mechanical equipment Royal Brinkman also provides the small technical trade goods . Think about scales, scissors and knives and aluminum constructions. Royal Brinkman has an exclusive collaboration with wire mesh production company Dinxperlo. Together with Dinxperlo we can provide a 100% high-quality, reliable precisely woven wire mesh for flowers in any size. Also supporting material for various applications belongs to the mechanical equipment theme.

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Team Mechanical Equipment

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Productmanager Mechanical equipment
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Products specialist
mechanical equipement
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Michael Visser
Product specialist mechanical equipment
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Product specialist mechanical equipment 
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