Water storage

water storageGood irrigation water is of vital importance for the growth of the plants. Particularly rainwater complies excellently. For the storage of rainwater a choice can be made, depending on available space, between a water basin or water tank. A water tank can be used naturally also for storage of for example drain water.

Water basin
In the design of a water basin we start from a so-called closed soil balance. This means that the soil of digging is used around the basin. In the basin Aquatex foil is placed. This foil is of drinking water quality and has Kiwa Approval. To protect the foil on the slope of the basin dikes against UV-light, Genatex 1000 slope protection is applied. This prevents at the same time the growth of weeds on the slope.


Aquafloat can be used to screen the water basin against sunlight so that algae growth is prevented. The Aquafloat consists of a 3 layer bubble-foil, of which is filled approximately 75% of the intermediate space with water to prevent blowing out. At the same time counter weights are placed in the right place to hold the Aquafloat.

Water tankswater tanks
The water tank (complete) consists of:
galvanized corrugated iron
bolts, nuts and rings
protective sheet
tank cover of Aquatex foil (drinking water quality and Kiwa approval)

Anti-algae sheet
For an outdoor water tank up to Ø 5,53 m a water-permeable PE-cloth over the tank is used which prevents light admission. For indoor water tank a maximum diameter of 8,30 m applies for this screen provided it is secured in the middle to for example a trellis. For larger diameters there is the Airfloat. This anti-algae screen consists of a 2-layer bubble-foil with air chambers. The Airfloat is fixed to the tank with the aid of a tubular frame.