The Flextruss supports the truss tomatoes

The first vines of a tomato plant are often from a poor quality as a result of damaged stems. Once the whole bunch grows, the total weight is so heavy that the stem has a tendency to snap. The Flextruss provides good support of the stem. This lowers the risk of crop damage significantly.

Flextruss black 19000The FlexTruss is designed for use on tomato plants, and the key to the product is its flexibility, allowing to be installed straight on the branch instead of bending it thanks to its flexible backbone which naturally adapts itself to the stem growth. Thanks to its design, tge FlexTruss can be adapted to most stem diameters.

This also means that the FlexTruss is much faster to install, saving time and therefore also reducing labour costs. In addition, the product is smooth and rounded, with no sharp edges, helping reduce the risks of the branch being broken. Another important feature of the FlexTruss is its open structure, with air-holes on all sides, leading to air circulation around the branch, and therefore reducing the risks of Botrytis.

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