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"Don't prevent but suppress Crazy Roots"

The ECA-unit of Royal Brinkman cleans and disinfect the water system of tomatoes to prevent spreading of diseases during the harvest period. "We can't prevent Crazy Roots, but we can try to suppress them," says Richard Schenkeveld, owner of nursery Schenkeveld. "In 2003 an increase of the amount of Crazy Roots was reported at the Prominent Group. After comparing market research, the ECA-Unit of Royal Brinkman appeared to be the best in terms of technique and value for money."

Royal Brinkman to install 11 ECA-Units at Prominent Group

Richard Schenkeveld owns three tomato nurseries, in total 30 hectares, in The Netherlands. Since January 2014, all three nurseries are working with the ECA-Unit. "In tomato cultivation, Crazy Roots is an emerging problem. That's why last year the Prominent Group started looking for the best technique for cleaning and disinfecting the water from the drip irrigation."

eca3They compared the systems of three different suppliers. "It was the combination of the most modern and save technique with a good value for money that was the decisive factor to choose for Royal Brinkman. We looked for a system that is save for the crop, the drip irrigation system and the employees. In the ECA-Unit potassium chloride is used instead of sodium hypochlorite. We prefer to keep sodium out of the water, so we can recirculate longer. The ECA-Unit has the highest efficiency, which means the lowest price per litre," according to the tomato grower. 

Measure free chlorine

Now at 11 locations of the Prominent Group, ECA-Units are installed by Royal Brinkman. During the start-up phase, production specialist Jan Willem Keijzer plays an important role in advising. The dosage of the ECA-water happens in the mixing tank. At several locations in the greenhouse the concentration of free chlorine is measured with a test kit. "So we know whether the ECA-water is active in the whole water system, which means that the micro organisms are combated in the entire system, even in the drippers," says Jan Willem Keijzer. "The amount of pollution in the system by starting with a ECA-Unit determines how long it will take before the desired concentration of free chlorine is measured."

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