Hermadix runs final trials with D-Gree diffuse coating

Together with Dutch pepper growers Bergpeppers and Vijverberg, Hermadix is developing a new diffuse coating, D-Gree. In 2013 D-GREE was tested by both companies with good results, but this year is the final test year. For monitoring of this big practical test, 19 hectare, there is now a cooperation with Agrisensys.

"The advanced Agrisensys wireless measurement system helps us to get more accurate data," says Hermadix' advisor Ies Bos. "The system is more accurate compared to a climatebox or some local measurement points, because the wireless system has dozens of continuous measurement points throughout  the entire greenhouse."

"We can easily log in on the system and analyse data from anywhere", Bos further added. "The first measurement results are above expectations. Last year we had spectacular results, but because of the good weather conditions they are even better in this trial. We consider D-GREE as the new standard for vegetable growers."

In 2015 D-GREE will definitely be available for growers.

Hermadix D-Gree