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Royal Brinkman and Hermadix join innovative forces

’s-Gravenzande – Royal Brinkman and Hermadix Agro have entered into an official collaboration where both parties commit to each other in the distribution of shading agents. Both parties had already established a close trade relation but recently chose to formalise this even further. The advantages for the grower lie in the combination of innovative strength. This will ensure a suitable shading agent or coating for any situation and location worldwide.
The year-long relation between Royal Brinkman and Hermadix Agro has a strong foundation. This mutual effort resulted in Royal Brinkman becoming the largest seller of shading agents in the world. In the Netherlands, for instance, their combined innovative strength has led to the overtaking of more traditional shading agents by modern coatings that help growers even further in the optimisation of their climate control and production. 

After the introduction of the shading agent Q4 White and the diffuse coating D-Fuse, both Hermadix Agro and Royal Brinkman will demonstrate their innovative strength with the introduction of Q3 White and D-Gree in 2015. 

Q3 White is based on the high-quality Q4 White and is exceptionally suitable for cultivations requiring a higher percentage of shade. For the grower the biggest advantage of Q3 White is the price; the product is almost 30% cheaper than similar competitive products although its specifications are exactly the same. The second introduction is D-Gree, a diffuse coating that also shields against heat. With D-Gree, Hermadix Agro has managed to realise a higher diffuse value and heat rejection than similar competitive products and at a competitive price as well.

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