Royal Brinkman Turkey enlarges their product range

Royal Brinkman Turkey enlarges their product range with Calcium Nitrate Ducanit in Turkey. With this exclusive sales rights Royal Brinkman Turkey strengthens their position in the market, said Tansel Bukulen (general manager Turkey). With the unique price/quality rate of Ducanit, Royal Brinkman Turkey distinguishes itself from other local suppliers. Due to the growing needs of stable, reliable and pure products in the Turkish market. Ducanit is a welcome product for the Turkish growers.

Specifications of Ducanit:
•  High solubility 
•  Purity; no sodium and heavy metals 
•  High levels of calcium 
•  High concentration of nitrogen
•  Less kilos needed for the same result
•  Best Value for Money
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The sales rights of Ducanit gives Royal Brinkman Turkey a great opportunity to improve their sales network, and increase their market.