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Uniform distribution of predatory mites

The Biospreader is excellent for the floriculture. The patented high-tech spreading disc in the Biospreader is the heart of this innovation. The disc provides a uniform distribution of predatory mites and is designed in a way that the quality of the predatory mites remains maximal retained. Predatory mites, once in the crop, will get to work to control pests.
 No new installations needed. Machinery is suitable for most (spraying) boom 
 High working speed.
 Easy filling system.
 Units are easy to remove from the monorail when they are not in use.
 Units will be delivered with a handy storage and transport truck, which is equipped with a compressed air hose for cleaning.
 Service & Maintenance is provided by Royal Brinkman. 

Research has shown that, with the Biospreader, the distribution of biological control of Agrobio is optimal in your crop. So we can guarantee a very low kill rate. 

Personal advice

We are happy to advice you about the possibilities of the Biospreader. Leave your details below and we will contact you within 24 hours. 

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