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  • HortiExperience 2018 focussed on sharing knowledge
    Horti Experience 2018 in het teken van kennisoverdrachtFor the sixth year in a row, the foreign Royal Brinkman employees visited the head office in 's-Gravenzande from Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 October for the Horti Experience. The total team of Royal Brinkman International now consists of over 120 employees. The focus during this 3-day training course was on exchanging knowledge between the various branches. 

  • KUBO Group chooses Royal Brinkman solar panels
    KUBOOn the office of the KUBO Group - one of the biggest greenhouse builders in the world - Royal Brinkman has mounted a total of 2,267 solar panels with a total installed capacity of 623.42 kWp. Wouter Kuiper, the Managing Director of KUBO Group, is very satisfied about the collaboration with Royal Brinkman: ‘The crew switched quickly and adequately, the proposal was on the money, and the quality was excellent. What else could you ask?’
  • Wagagai in Uganda chooses Service Engine
    Wagagai in Uganda chooses Service EngineWagagagai is the first foreign horticultural company to opt for Royal Brinkman's Service Engine. In mid-2017 Royal Brinkman launched the Service Engine, a digital service and maintenance tool available on smartphones and PC, which gives the grower more insight into the service and maintenance at the nursery. 

  • Renewed & improved: royalbrinkman.com!
    Renewed & improved: royalbrinkman.com!After many preparations behind the scenes, it's now time for Royal Brinkman to launch a new webshop design! In this way, growers can now find all their products, advice and knowledge in one place. With the new design, Royal Brinkman is once again investing in greater ease of use for its customers.

  • royalbrinkman.com switches to new design
    New webshop designAt the moment we're working very hard behind the scenes, because Wednesday we launch a new webshop design! With the new design, we are once again investing in greater ease of use for the grower.

  • Do it yourself with the Spare parts finder!
    Do-it-yourself-with-the-spare-parts-finderThe need for technical knowledge is increasing in the horticultural sector. A greenhouse contains more and more machines and installations, but the number of people with a technical background is steadily decreasing. It’s a difficult situation. Or maybe not? With Royal Brinkman’s Spare parts finder, you can find all parts needed for a horticultural machines and installation. Even if you have little technical knowledge!
  • Service Engine nominated for Innovation Award
    Service Engine GreenTech Innovation Award’s-Gravenzande – Mid 2017 Royal Brinkman launched the Service Engine. This digital service and maintenance tool, which is available for smartphone and pc, provides the grower insight with regards to service and maintenance. The launch of the Service Engine tool has resulted in a lot of publicity, which in turn led to the nomination for the GreenTech Innovation Award.
  • Construction project: Bell pepper farm Duijnisveld
    Bell pepper farm Fa. Duijnisveld: “The price/quality ratio was the deciding factor”One of the latest construction projects in which Royal Brinkman was involved is the new 9.2 hectare greenhouse for pepper grower Fa. Duijnisveld in De Kwakel, The Netherlands. This company was founded in 2006. In 2016, Fa. Duijnisveld was asked if they could supply more Sapporo peppers because of the increasing demand from England. They found a site where the construction project of 9.2 hectare new greenhouse started in 2017.
  • Royal Brinkman strengthens activities in Morocco
    Royal Brinkman strengthens activities in Morocco
    In order to give further substance to the general creed 'Local for Local’, Royal Brinkman is currently setting up a local Moroccan organisation in Agadir. With the establishment of Royal Brinkman Morocco, the international horticultural supplier has a local presence in eleven countries. The intensification of foreign activities is in line with Royal Brinkman's internationalisation ambitions.
  • Top Cleaner contributes to high quality seed
    Top Cleaner contributes to high quality seed in Rijk Zwaan ProMexIn 2010, vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan opened a new seed cultivation site in San Jose Iturbide, Mexico. In a modern glass greenhouse of 3.5 hectares, Rijk Zwaan ProMex produces top quality tomato, pepper and cucumber seeds. Optimal use of the available light is the key here. That's why Stephan de Bock, Managing Director at Rijk Zwaan ProMex, chose to buy the Top Cleaner.  
  • Technical installations for Alfred Pedersen & Søn
    Technical installations for Alfred Pedersen & SønTomato grower Alfred Pedersen & Søn has recently expanded their location in Sweden. Since 2014, Royal Brinkman has been a partner in supplying water, electrical and climate installations.

  • Royal Brinkman improves mobile webshop
    Royal Brinkman improves mobile webshopToday, Royal Brinkman introduces a new version of its mobile webshop, making it even easier for growers to place an order or to request a quotation via their smartphone. By doing so, the company invests in further digitization and improves the usability once again.

  • Experience the faster and easier mobile webshop
    Mobile experienceToday, Royal Brinkman introduces a new version of its mobile webshop, making it even easier for growers to place an order or to request a quotation via their smartphone. By doing so, the company invests in further digitization and improves the usability once again.
  • The best idea for royalbrinkman.com 2017
    the best idea of 2017In recent years, Royal Brinkman has made great progress in the' digital world'. In 2018 we will continue to develop royalbrinkman.nl, because standstill is not an option! Will you help us in this development? Deliver your idea now, the best idea is provided with a Apple Watch!
  • Climate change in horticulture: part 3
    climate changeIn this last part of the blog series, we will talk to meteorologist Reinier van den Berg and crop protection specialist Kees Kouwenhoven about the consequences of the rise in temperature for the horticulture and what we can do about it.

  • Climate change in horticulture: part 2
    climate changeIn this second part, water specialists Arie Plomp and Joshua Reijnen will examine the freshwater issue in more detail. Erik Green from Hoogheemraadschap Delfland and Daan van Empel from LTO Glaskracht will also inform you more about this subject.

  • Climate change in horticulture: face the problem!
    klimaatveranderingClimate change is an issue that worries us all a little. What is going to change over the next few years and how is this going to affect the greenhouse horticulture industry? The majority of people seem to avoid facing this problem, but that won't solve any potential issues. We need to think together about this problem making it open to discussion. That's why our specialists will take you on board with the three-part blog series "Climate change in horticulture: Face the problem! 
  • Royal Brinkman nominated for the Taspo Award 2017
    Taspo AwardThe German webshop of Royal Brinkman GmbH in Straelen has been nominated, for the second year in a row, for the Taspo Awards. Royal Brinkman is nominated in the category best website for the horticultural and agricultural industry in Germany. Royal Brinkman is nominated together with four other companies. The company with the most votes wins the Taspo Award on the 27th October 2017 in Berlin. You can vote until 7th September 2017 via www.taspoawards.de.
  • Priva raises count of the Spare parts finder
    Priva helps to raise count of Royal Brinkman SpareIn January 2017 Royal Brinkman launced a new online tool: the Spare parts finder. With this handy and unique tool, you can find the right component for a machine or installation in just three easy steps. This makes it a lot easier and faster to find a spare part. Growers can use the Spare parts finder through the Royal Brinkman webshop. Recently, more than 200 parts of Priva installations have been added. Now the Spare parts finder has more than 10,000 parts!
  • Case study: Increased daylight utilization
    AlstroemeriaThe use of infrared-reflective diffuse coatings results in a lesser need for ventilation during summer and thus a fewer loss of CO2 from the greenhouse. A saving of 20% C02 seems realistic to the researchers. 

  • Blog: Delete the hassle, expand the convenience!
    Rob HeldermanSmart purchasing, how do you achieve that? Customers’ expectations about order convenience at organizations are increasing. Growers also have this expectation, because nobody wants to waste time and energy. Moreover, multiple researches have shown that the importance of order convenience is increasing – maybe it’s even more important than price.
  • Gie de Brocs about his new Top Cleaner
    Top Cleaner Royal BrinkmanIn 2016 construction of the first Gie des Brocs 4 hectares greenhouse in Lapouyade had been completed. The second greenhouse of 4 hectares is expected to reach completion this year. Being a grower you’re always keen on aiming for the best results and getting most out of your greenhouse, certainly given the big investments that come with its development and construction. Read further to find out his his motivations are.
  • Horticultural event at Royal Brinkman Hungary
    Hungarian BranchLast week a two-day horticultural event took place at Royal Brinkman Hungary. The reason for the event was the resignation of branch manager Giel Heijboer and the introduction of the new Hungarian branch manager Laszlo Badenszki.

  • Blog: “Ingredients for a successful webshop”
    Rob HeldermanEveryone who’s been following Royal Brinkman for a while, knows that a lot has changed in the last couple of years. When you wanted to order something a few years ago, you just waited until the sales representative visited you, you called the office, or – you almost can’t imagine – you sent a fax.

  • Great potential for growers worldwide
    Shading AgentShading agents and diffuse coatings offer great potential for Mexican growers. These growers will achieve a better climate, an earlier setting and an increase of quality of the harvest with shading agents and diffuse coatings.

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