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  • Royal Brinkman nominated for the Taspo Award 2017
    Taspo AwardThe German webshop of Royal Brinkman GmbH in Straelen has been nominated, for the second year in a row, for the Taspo Awards. Royal Brinkman is nominated in the category best website for the horticultural and agricultural industry in Germany. Royal Brinkman is nominated together with four other companies. The company with the most votes wins the Taspo Award on the 27th October 2017 in Berlin. You can vote until 7th September 2017 via

  • Priva raises count of the Spare parts finder
    Priva helps to raise count of Royal Brinkman SpareIn January 2017 Royal Brinkman launced a new online tool: the Spare parts finder. With this handy and unique tool, you can find the right component for a machine or installation in just three easy steps. This makes it a lot easier and faster to find a spare part. Growers can use the Spare parts finder through the Royal Brinkman webshop. Recently, more than 200 parts of Priva installations have been added. Now the Spare parts finder has more than 10,000 parts!
  • Case study: Increased daylight utilization
    AlstroemeriaThe use of infrared-reflective diffuse coatings results in a lesser need for ventilation during summer and thus a fewer loss of CO2 from the greenhouse. A saving of 20% C02 seems realistic to the researchers. 

  • Blog: Delete the hassle, expand the convenience!
    Rob HeldermanSmart purchasing, how do you achieve that? Customers’ expectations about order convenience at organizations are increasing. Growers also have this expectation, because nobody wants to waste time and energy. Moreover, multiple researches have shown that the importance of order convenience is increasing – maybe it’s even more important than price.
  • Gie de Brocs about his new Top Cleaner
    Top Cleaner Royal BrinkmanIn 2016 construction of the first Gie des Brocs 4 hectares greenhouse in Lapouyade had been completed. The second greenhouse of 4 hectares is expected to reach completion this year. Being a grower you’re always keen on aiming for the best results and getting most out of your greenhouse, certainly given the big investments that come with its development and construction. Read further to find out his his motivations are.
  • Horticultural event at Royal Brinkman Hungary
    Hungarian BranchLast week a two-day horticultural event took place at Royal Brinkman Hungary. The reason for the event was the resignation of branch manager Giel Heijboer and the introduction of the new Hungarian branch manager Laszlo Badenszki.

  • Blog: “Ingredients for a successful webshop”
    Rob HeldermanEveryone who’s been following Royal Brinkman for a while, knows that a lot has changed in the last couple of years. When you wanted to order something a few years ago, you just waited until the sales representative visited you, you called the office, or – you almost can’t imagine – you sent a fax.

  • Great potential for growers worldwide
    Shading AgentShading agents and diffuse coatings offer great potential for Mexican growers. These growers will achieve a better climate, an earlier setting and an increase of quality of the harvest with shading agents and diffuse coatings.

  • Royal Brinkman present at IPM Essen 2017
    Royal Brinkman is this year also present at the IPM in Essen. This is the world's largest trade fair for the horticultural industry. The fair is a meeting point for entrepreneurs and relationships in the horticultural sector.

  • Royal Brinkman launches the ‘spare parts finder’
    Spare parts finderRoyal Brinkman launches a new online tool: the spare parts finder. With this clever and unique tool, a  grower can find the right spare parts for their machines and installations in three steps. This makes it easier and faster to find the required parts. Growers can use the spare parts finder via the Royal Brinkman webshop.

  • Royal Brinkman wins TASPO Award 2016
    Royal Brinkman wint TASPO Award 2016Royal Brinkman is the winner of the TASPO Award 2016 in the category ‘Best website for the green industry’. The TASPO Awards - also known as the Oscars of the horticultural sector in Germany – were handed out on Friday November 4 in the Grand Hyatt hotel in Berlin. 

  • More and more greenhouses coated worldwide
    There's plenty to celebrate at chalk specialist Hermadix. According to Jeffrey Pouw, sales of their chalk products have more than doubled over the past two years. "More growers are working with coatings worldwide."

  • Chinese delegation visited Royal Brinkman
    Chinese delegatie op bezoek bij Royal BrinkmanThis week Royal Brinkman had the honour of receiving a Chinese delegation. The Chinese delegation is in The Netherlands for 12 days, in which they visit various companies to get a better understanding of the horticulture. Because of this, a visit at Royal Brinkman could not be missed in the schedule. 
  • Differentiate your products
    For you as a grower it is increasingly important to stand out in the market: from producers to consumers. With a unique packaging you can distinguish your product from the products in the market.

  • From 27 Aug accessible via
    What are the practical implications? From the 27th of August, the Royal Brinkman website and webshop will be merged into a single environment. This gives you even more convenience because all your required products, knowledge and news can be found in one place! The Royal Brinkman webshop can be reached from then via

  • Royal Brinkman nominated for Taspo Award 2016
    Royal Brinkman nominated for Taspo Award 2016The German webshop of Royal Brinkman GmbH in Straelen is nominated for the Taspo Awards 2016 in the category best website for the green sector. Royal Brinkman is nominated together with four other companies. The company with the most votes will receive the Taspo Award on November 4th, 2016 in Berlin. You have the possibility to vote for Royal Brinkman until Augustus 31st, 2016 via the button below. 
  • Online platform
    Royal Brinkman is ready for the next step. The webshop has been further developed to become an online platform where suppliers can easily join and extend the product range.

  • Shading agent Q4 White gets ‘discount version’
    This month, Hermadix is launching a new horticultural product. The company is marketing a ‘price fighter’ in the market, Q3 White, to complement the existing high-quality shading agent Q4 White. Growers can explicitly make a choice between focusing on quality or price. Both choices are defensible.
  • "Don't prevent but suppress Crazy Roots"
    The ECA-unit of Royal Brinkman cleans and disinfect the water system of tomatoes to prevent spreading of diseases during the harvest period. "We can't prevent Crazy Roots, but we can try to suppress them," says Richard Schenkeveld, owner of nursery Schenkeveld. "In 2003 an increase of the amount of Crazy Roots was reported at the Prominent Group. After comparing market research, the ECA-Unit of Royal Brinkman appeared to be the best in terms of technique and value for money."
  • Royal Brinkman: succesful at GreenTech
    GreenTechRoyal Brinkman looks back on a successful GreenTech (14 - 16 June) in Amsterdam RAI. GreenTech is the international trade fair for horticulture technology and attracts more than thousands of visitors every two year.

  • Invitation to the GreenTech: Most welcome!
    Also this year Royal Brinkman participates during GreenTech 2016 at the RAI in Amsterdam from the 14th of June till the 16th of June. Besides the international area managers from our Dutch office and our foreign branches, several product specialists will be available at stand number: 11.108.

  • Uniform distribution of predatory mites
    The Biospreader is excellent for the floriculture. The patented high-tech spreading disc in the Biospreader is the heart of this innovation. The disc provides a uniform distribution of predatory mites and is designed in a way that the quality of the predatory mites remains maximal retained. Predatory mites, once in the crop, will get to work to control pests.
  • Super deal: Priva Compact
    The Priva Compact is a reliable process computer suitable for each crop and all types of greenhouses. All the basic programs needed for irrigation, climate and energy control are available. The Priva Compact is temporally reduced in price for a short period of time. Our technical specialist will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

  • Trutina system: improve your irrigation strategy
    Trutina is a unique plant weight measurement system. With Trutina you can measure the weight of the plants and separated gutter with slabs. It will give you very important data about the performance of your plant growth and irrigation strategy!

  • A very cost effective pipe rail
    The Benomic Star is the newest generation of the very successful Benomic series. The new “Benomic Star” is the next generation, further developed, cost effective Benomic. The Benomic Start is ideal for all kinds of crop care. The standard version is equipped with a double scissor which gives you the ability to work up to 3 meters high.
  • Faber reveals new 2 ha Hybrid X Greenhouse
    Faber Greenhouses with support of Royal Brinkman has realised their first 2 ha Hybrid X greenhouse project. The Hybrid X greenhouse uses a forced air movement system using tubes underneath the substrate gutters as well as a mixing room in the gable end with a wet wall. EC fans force air into the tubes depending on requirements based on Royal Brinkman’s climate control basics. The Hybrid X greenhouse is the first of its kind in the world to operate with full size vents in the roof. This was decided as an insurance policy in case of power failure and also to allow for a more efficient and uniform air exchange.
  • The Royal Brinkman app. New update available!
    Royal Brinkman app
    The Royal Brinkman mobile app is renewed! The update with the new logo and new functionalities is now available in Dutch, German, Spanish and English. In this newsletter the major improvements are explained.

  • WindSet Farms: satisfied user of the Twinhook
    TwinhookWindSet Farms is one of the biggest horticultural companies in North America. On their different locations in Canada and America, they grow premium quality vegetables, including tomatoes. Since February 2015, the company uses the Twinhook to prevent splitting in their topped tomato plants. We spoke toTony Stevens, senior grower at WindSet Farms.
  • Collaboration between Royal Brinkman and DryGair
    Royal Brinkman has entered into a new partnership in the field of dehumidification equipment in greenhouse horticulture. DryGair Energies Ltd is a manufacturer of greenhouse dehumidification systems. During the IPM in Essen the collaboration between both companies was officially confirmed.
  • Librel action: Get your free watch!
    Receive a free watch by ordering your Librel chelated micro nutrients now. This Librel iron chelates action runs till the 31th of January 2016.

  • Conference about the future of horticulture
    On June 11th in Algyő (South-Hungary) a conference took place about the „Future of Hungarian heated greenhouses” organized by the FruitVeB (Hungarian Interbranch Organisation for Vegetables and Fruits).

  • First Agrobio bumblebee hives supplied in Turkey
    This week, the first bumblebees, produced at the new Agrobío production facility in Antalya (Turkey) were supplied to various tomato growers in the region. The opening of this new production facility by Agrobío gives growers in Turkey a quicker access to bumblebees and beneficials.

  • ECA-water alternative to chemical disinfectants
    Electrochemically activated water (ECA-water) is an environmentally friendly alternative to the current disinfectants. Reducing the use of chemical products is the main advantage.

  • Royal Brinkman's Tomato Hooks go 'global’
    This is the third year that Village Farms in Canada and the USA use Extravalent tomato hooks from Royal Brinkman to secure the tomato plants. This year, for the first time, they chose the new O-hook. The free fall on the O-hook is adapted into an O-form and works in a new and revolutionary way.

  • Royal Brinkman Turkey enlarges their product range
    Royal Brinkman Turkey enlarges their product range with Calcium Nitrate Ducanit in Turkey. With this exclusive sales rights Royal Brinkman Turkey strengthens their position in the market, said Tansel Bukulen (general manager Turkey). With the unique price/quality rate of Ducanit, Royal Brinkman Turkey distinguishes itself from other local suppliers. Due to the growing needs of stable, reliable and pure products in the Turkish market. Ducanit is a welcome product for the Turkish growers.
  • Crop rotation
    Together with Weterings Mechanisatie, Royal Brinkman has put together a range of machines to make the crop rotation a lot more efficient. Pulling out your crop, leaves and rock wool/coco slabs has never been so easy. In combination with one of the choppers, the volume of the waste will be minimized and easily removed by one of the containers.
  • Royal Brinkman to begin operations in Australia
    's-Gravenzande – In substantiation of the general motto “Local for Local”, Royal Brinkman is currently following up on its plans to establish a local organisation in Australia. The intensification of its Australian operations follows the company’s ambitions for international expansion. Brinkman Australia Pty Ltd is set to be launched as from 1 July 2015.

  • Hermadix runs final trials wit D-Gree diffuse coat
    Together with Dutch pepper growers Bergpeppers and Vijverberg, Hermadix is developing a new diffuse coating, D-Gree. In 2013 D-GREE was tested by both companies with good results, but this year is the final test year. For monitoring of this big practical test, 19 hectare, there is now a cooperation with Agrisensys.
  • Royal Brinkman and Hermadix join innovative forces
    ’s-Gravenzande – Royal Brinkman and Hermadix Agro have entered into an official collaboration where both parties commit to each other in the distribution of shading agents. Both parties had already established a close trade relation but recently chose to formalise this even further. The advantages for the grower lie in the combination of innovative strength. This will ensure a suitable shading agent or coating for any situation and location worldwide.
  • The first Bio Chopper Compact in Mexico
    Last October, Royal Brinkman installed the first Bio Chopper Compact in Mexico at the project “El Rosal”, Michoacán. This shredder is designed to minimize in the volume of waste to 20%. The crops are transported to the shredder by using transportation mats. The mat will be rolled up, the crops will be shredded and the shredded crop will be collected in a container and transported away.
  • Royal Brinkman Spain opens new office
    Royal Brinkman Spain has opened her new office and distribution center in the town of El Ejido in the middle of the horticultural area of Almería. Already for more than 18 years Royal Brinkman has been settled in Vicar and now has decided to move to the center of the horticultural area.
  • Royal Brinkman now also locally present in Mexico
    To further develop the Royal Brinkman strategy “Local for Local”, and to be able to serve the Mexican growers, Royal Brinkman is now developing a local Mexican organization. The Mexican entity of Royal Brinkman will be established and expanded by Ben Sosef and Chris Middendorp.
  • Royal Brinkman starts GmbH in Germany
    Royal Brinkman heeft onlangs een GmbH opgericht in Duitsland. De start van deze Royal Brinkman GmbH past in de buitenland strategie ‘Think Global, Act Local’.

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