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Collaboration between Royal Brinkman and DryGair

Royal Brinkman has entered into a new partnership in the field of dehumidification equipment in greenhouse horticulture. DryGair Energies Ltd is a manufacturer of greenhouse dehumidification systems. During the IPM in Essen the collaboration between both companies was officially confirmed.
Humidity in greenhouses requires a delicate touch. Due to the transpiration of the crops it doesn't take long for the humidity level in the greenhouse to increase substantially. The classic solution for this is to reduce humidity via air ventilation. However, opening the ventilation windows allows cold outside air to enter and the inside temperature then needs to be reheated to its original level. 

DryGair units dehumidify the greenhouse air in an efficient and simple way so the ventilation windows can remain closed as much as possible. Both the used electricity and the heat released during the dehumidification process are returned to the greenhouse, thus saving energy. The condensed moisture is drained or can even be used as process water. The DryGair units have the following two capacities; dehumidifying 45 litres per hour or 20 litres per hour. All DryGair units have a high efficiency rate, and for every 1 Kwh invested in the operation, more than 4 litres of water are removed from the air. One unit covers an area between 1,000-4,000 m2 (depending on cultivar, cultivation stage, time of year, cultivation method and the height of the crops). An accurate absorption rate is important. The unit will collect the relatively moist greenhouse air, dry it and then recirculate it. 

DryGair concept has many additional advantages, the special air distribution creates homogenous and uniform climate conditions, improves the yield, reduces the need for pesticides, saves energy, saves cost, and more.

This collaboration between Royal Brinkman and the Israeli company DryGair Energies Ltd will ensure worldwide sales, service and maintenance of DryGair installations.
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