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Extended collaboration with Weterings Machinery

Royal Brinkman and Weterings will continue their successful international cooperation in 2021. The cooperation mainly revolves around machines that are used during the busy crop rotation period: the Bio Chopper and Bio Hopper.

Crop rotation
Bio Choppers take care of the shredding and removal of the old plants/residues. By shredding the crop, the residue can be removed more easily with a minimum of transport volume and movements. With the Bio Chopper and/or Hopper, the grower can quickly and efficiently clear out his old crop. Thanks to this time saving, the company can return to production earlier.

Cooperation 2021
Royal Brinkman and Weterings Machinery have been working closely together for several years. The continuation of the cooperation has been completed by the re-entering of a volume order for the Bio Chopper series. During 2021, Royal Brinkman will planning-wise distribute the Bio Choppers and Super Choppers (the larger model of the Bio Chopper) internationally.

New Super Chopper Compact HI550/620
An updated version of the Super Chopper is introduced compared to last year. The renewed Super Chopper HI550/620 is equipped with a wider chipping unit and several new smart features. As a result, the machine has even more capacity to process heavy crops efficiently. With this new machine, Weterings Machinery and Royal Brinkman hope to meet the needs of the customer even better.

Video Super Chopper Compact HI550/620: https://youtu.be/DLLdCvxg7E8

From left to right: Bas Brinkman, Billy van Hulst (Royal Brinkman), Rob van den Berg en Igno Weterings (Weterings Machinery). 

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