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Librel action: Get your free watch!

Receive a free watch by ordering your Librel chelated micro nutrients now. This Librel iron chelates action runs till the 31th of January 2016.

Librel chelated trace elements ensure that absorption of trace elements for your crop is no problem. The Librel range includes chelates for each pH level, so that the trace elements are always available to the plant. This prevents deficiency symptoms, so your plants can grow optimally!

Fill in the form below without obligations. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities. 

 Iron chelates for each pH
 A-grade iron chelates
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Are you interested or would like more information about the presale Librel action? Then fill in your details. On working days we will contact you within 24 hours. 

Action products

Librel actionLiquid Fe-DTPA
- Fe-DTPA 3% (25 kg)
- Fe-DTPA 3% (250 kg)
- Fe-DTPA 3% (bulk)
- Fe-DTPA 6% (25 kg)
- Fe-DTPA 6% (250 kg)
- Fe-DTPA 6% (bulk)

Solid Fe-EDDHA 
- Libfer SP 6% (1 kg)
- Libfer SP 6% (5 kg)
- Libfer SP 6% (20 kg)
- Brinkman Fe-EDDHA 7% (20 kg)
- Chaufer 6% (1 kg)

Solid Fe-DTPA
- Librel Fe-DTPA 7% (1 kg)
- Librel Fe-DTPA 7% (25 kg)

Solid Fe-EDTA
- Librel Felo 13% (1 kg)
- Librel Felo 13% (25 kg)

Tracingelements mix

- Libremix B (1 kg)
- Libremix B (25 kg)

Liquid Fe-EDDHSA

-Fe-EDDHSA 3% (20 ltr)

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