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Dosage of Menno florades approval to 4%

Menno FloradesMenno florades may now be officially applied up to a concentration of 4% in the UK. In this way, plant diseases are effectively killed in an even shorter period of time. The 4% margin is also allowed on edible crops.

Menno Florades

Menno florades is now supplied in green packaging and the label contains extensive advice on the correct dosage and contact time. It is a powerful disinfectant that is an effective treatment against plant pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroids. 
It has been specially developed for horticulture and is the only disinfectant with the correct authorisation as a plant protection product. It is widely applicable for the disinfection of greenhouse shelves, growing tables, pots, containers, machines, barrels, carts, etc. In addition, Menno florades is used in hygiene stations and in Flexxomatts to disinfect footwear and rolling stock (Danish and transport trolleys).

With the extension of the permit, Menno florades can be used even more widely for killing off plant diseases in the greenhouse horticulture sector. Check the new label on the packaging or on royalbrinkman.com for the correct dosage and mixing time.
Check new label on packaging or royalbrinkman.com for the correct dosage and incorporation time!


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Jan Willem Keijzer  

Jan Willem Keijzer
Product Specialist Disinfection

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