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Valent Pepper Twine has reduced elongation

Valent Pepper Twine's-Gravenzande - Royal Brinkman introduces the Valent Pepper twine, a twine that is now even more suitable for growing peppers. This is because there is a considerable reduction in elongation. In addition, Valent Pepper twine is flexible and soft for plants and employees and is UV-treated.

Martin Meuldijk, Product Specialist at Royal Brinkman: "With the Valent-line we offer the highest quality material to support vegetable cultivation. This line includes Valent Pepper twine. This twine is newly developed. With the significant improvement in elongation, it offers even more advantages for the grower. By using less stretch in the twine, the plant stays in a better position throughout the growing season. And that in turn leads to less chance of damage to the fruit when a harvest trolley is driven through the path".

Benefits of Valent Pepper Twine


However, despite the name Valent Pepper, this twine is not limited to use in pepper cultivation. It’s also extremely suitable for growing aubergines, peppers and melons. Valent Pepper twine is made of the highest quality polypropylene. In addition, the twine is standard UV treated for 12 months and specially developed for greenhouse production. Valent Pepper twine is a twine where the yarn is twisted into each other. Due to the improved properties in the formulation of the yarn, it is better to knot on the crop wire and at the bottom of the plant. The twine is flexible, supple and soft. Because the twine is also strong, it can easily be processed in a twine machine. Valent Pepper twine comes in spools of 6 kg, the length of which is 100% guaranteed. Valent Pepper twine is delivered in 1/1500 (1 kg on 1500 m length of twine) and is available in white and yellow

Valent Pepper twine is a nice example of a new solution to improve cultivation. The twine has been developed together with the supplier and on request of growers. #letsimprovetogether

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