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Priva raises count of the Spare parts finder

Priva helps to raise count of Royal Brinkman SpareIn January 2017 Royal Brinkman launced a new online tool: the Spare parts finder. With this handy and unique tool, you can find the right component for a machine or installation in just three easy steps. This makes it a lot easier and faster to find a spare part. Growers can use the Spare parts finder through the Royal Brinkman webshop. Recently, more than 200 parts of Priva installations have been added. Now the Spare parts finder has more than 10,000 parts!
The components of the Priva installations are a nice addition to the current assortment. For example, components for the Vialux, Nutri-line, Integro and Connext have been added, but now growers can also find parts for fans, measuring boxes and various sensors in the Spare parts finder. In addition, new parts of new suppliers are added daily, to make the Spare parts finder an increasingly complete tool.

When using the Spare parts finder, the grower only has to go through three steps to select the right machine or installation. Subsequently, the Spare parts finder provides an overview of the available components for the selected machine or installation. The enlarged drawing is also displayed, which makes it easy to select the correct item and order it from the webshop using the reference number. The Spare parts finder offers you more convenience, now a malfunction to be resolved much faster. Discover it yourself on www.royalbrinkman.com/hortispareparts.

The Spare parts finder is continually updated with the relevant components for horticulture. Do you want to be the next supplier to sell your parts worldwide through the Spare parts finder? Then contact Dean van Ooijen by dean.van.ooijen@royalbrinkman.com or by 0174 – 446 140.

Priva zet teller Royal Brinkman Onderdelenzoeker op 10.000 onderdelen!
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