The Tape Factory – A daughter of Innoseal® Systems

With years of experience in self-adhesive tapes and specialty solutions with tapes & tools, The Tape Factory was founded in 2010. The founder has a background and history with 10 years of experience in the floral trade and export, 10 years in Agriculture and Horticulture supplies and 15 years in the production and handling of tape. With the request to design a working solution to automatically tape bouquets of flowers on a flower line, the request seemed opportune and perfectly fitted. Based on the patented Innoseal® System often known from the bag closures in bakeries and supermarkets, the closure with tape and paper that has been the worldwide market leader in the manually closed bags, The Tape Factory introduces “The FreshSealer” and focuses on taping in the floral industry. After a few years of designing, prototyping and improvements, we are now proud to introduce the FreshSealer. With a hand full of machines already running in the market to take out the start-up issues.

The machine does what it should do, and that up to a speed of 5000 bouquets per hour. When desired, it is possible to supply the FreshSealer with a sachet insertion unit to attach cut flower preservatives to a bouquet or bunch so that also this task is removed from the costly manual labor. The FreshSealer is followed by a series of “XL Sealers”, allowing the manual taping in the Flori- and Horticulture with great benefits. Not only financial benefits are possible, but also Easy-Open, Tamper-Evidence, Personalisable with logo or text, RSI risk decreases as well as a more consistent closure without damaging the stems of flowers. Operating with headquarters in the Netherlands and a full service facility in the USA (The Tape Factory Inc.), there is a base for worldwide coverage with partners such a Brinkman on the commercial side.