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A fine product deserves nice packaging

In a garden centre or hardware store the consumer should immediately fall for your product. Amongst a huge selection, top-quality alone is not enough. Good presentation makes the difference. For that reason nursery Meeslouwer developed a sleeve for its hortensias by the Royal Brinkman Studio.


Jan and Robbert Hendriks of nursery Meeslouwer in Stompwijk have clearly chosen for the top segment of the market for flowering pot plants. “Before, we sold our hortensias in a transparent sleeve. We thought that the quality of our product alone would be an incentive for buying, and that no extras were needed. But we operate on a supply market, so we have to differentiate ourselves from the competition." 

Printed sleeves
Printed sleeves are becoming the norm. “We belong to the top hortensia growers in the Netherlands. A transparent sleeve is clearly out of place. We can benefit from a better corporate identity for the trade and the consumers. When our products are sold at a slightly faster pace through the attractiveness of our printed sleeve, this will lead to follow-up purchases.”

A design in consultation
The sleeve is developed by the Royal Brinkman Studio. “First we brought in our own ideas: we wanted to bring across a joyful spring feeling with a preference for certain colors. The designers went to work with this information. Their ideas were great. Because of the costs we have restricted ourselves to three colors. The sleeve we chose at the end did not supercede the hortensia, it was partly transparent. When the development was nearly finished our largest customer looked it over as a final check on the attraction for the consumer." 

The response to the sleeve is positive. Not only are our regular customers responding well but also other retailers. Now the sleeve is there, we both see room for improvement. With a next series we will show a little bit more of our product. Because it is successful we are thinking about a next step. The cyclamen will get a printed pot and we are thinking about a printed sleeve for our alstroemerias.

Interested in the different possibilities packaging offers? Royal Brinkman has a team of specialists in the packaging and design. They provide advice, and sales of pots, trays, sleeves and foil. In addition, they interact with the creative development of a product in order to retain a distinctive position on the market. Whether with a printed sleeve, a printed pot, or a package of a completely new house style.