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The Priva Compact a 'light version’ process computer

ZeelenbergJohn Zeelenberg, pot plant grower in the Netherlands recently chose for a Priva Compact process computer. "We are less demanding when it comes to a process computer. We only need the basic functions for climate, water and energy.”

The Priva Compact works really well and is user friendly. "Jan and John Zeelenberg grow pot plants on two locations. Recently, one of the nurseries is expanded by 12,000 square meters of existing greenhouse. The greenhouse is designed for growing hydrangeas in pots with sizes 23 and 30 cm. To control the water and electrical processes in this new department, Jan and John Zeelenberg had great preference for the Priva Compact process computer . John: "We have worked with Priva equipment before and Royal Brinkman is our usual installer. With the expansion of our company, the Priva Compact super deal started at exactly the right time for us.

Basic settings
Jan and John Zeelenberg grow hydrangea, calocephalus and ornithogalum . These are potted plants who have no need for high temperatures, so-called ‘cold crops’. John: "Our climate control only exists of ventilation, shading and heating. Irrigation takes place through the irrigation system. We have no need for CHP schemes or complicated charts. The Priva Compact is therefore excellent in terms of basic settings for our business."

Pump set installation
The Priva Compact is mounted on a pump set. This makes a user friendly, compact installation which controls hydro and climate. John Zeelenberg regulates the water and climate from his office where he can see the departments of all locations on one screen. "With a few shortcuts on the desktop, I can regulate all the different settings. It is very clear, without too many bells and whistles." When John is not in the greenhouse he can track climate and water remotely on his smartphone. He is happy with his new light version of the process computer . "It should work easily and user friendly; and that is what the Priva Compact does perfectly."