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OxPro Plus 25 l

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OxPro Plus 25 l

Item no. 181801264
can = 25 liter
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OxPro Plus is an oxygen scavenger and metal passivator with volatile properties. OxPro Plus can be used as oxygen binder in boilers, steam condensers and closed warm or hot water systems. As an additional feature OxPro Plus acts as metal passivator for steel and copper-based alloys and is a good alternative to sodium in warm and hot water systems. In steam systems OxPro Plus goes along with the steam and thus slows down the corrosion in the condensation return system.

OxPro Plus responds under all circumstances, in a wide pH range and at temperatures > 35 °C, good and quick with oxygen and produces no harmful or salt-enhancing products.
Copper and iron oxide are reduced to cuprous oxide, and magnetite which a thin anti-corrosion layer forms on the metal surfaces.
The reduction of copper and iron oxide has the effect that there are less copper, and iron deposits in the system, the system remains, or is cleaned. The latter is particularly beneficial in closed hot water systems.
Because OxPro Plus is volatile, it may also protect steam and condensate systems against corrosion.

Dosage instructions
Dosing equipment must be equipped with a polypropylene, teflon or stainless steel dosehead and piping.

In steam systems
OxPro Plus must be dosed in to the bottom section of the degasser or in the feed water line to the steam boiler. The dosage is 60 ml / m3 oxygen in the feed water. Deviating dosages must be determined in close consultation with our representative.

In closed heat, hot water and district heating systems
The recommended starting dose of OxPro Plus is 250 ml / m3, it allows 5 ppm oxygen bound. The amount of up dosage is dependent on the oxygen density of the system, and should be sent on a OxPro Plus excess of 10-100 ppm.

OxPro Plus is a relatively safe product. Wear protective clothing, face shields and chemical resistant gloves. excessive washing in case of eye and skin contact and rinse with water (eyes). In case of eye contact call a physician. Prevent leakages from systems for production areas!

Physical properties

Appearance clear, colorless solution
pH 7
Density 990 kg / m3
Flash point> 62 ° C, the product contains a volatile solvent

For each crop protection chemical or biocide product the user must comply with the local legal conditions and regulations. Use crop protection products and Biocides safely. Always read the label and the safety data sheet.

This product will not necessarily be approved or authorized in your country.
Please check with the appropriate authority in your country as to whether you may legally use this product.
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