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Bamboo Materials

Bamboo materials are essential for supporting plants. By using bamboo plant support sticks get the desired and correct shape and height. At Royal Brinkman you will find a wide range of bamboo materials; from bamboo racks to tonkin bamboo sticks.

Range of bamboo materials

Whether it's plant support through a bamboo stick, tonkin stick or bamboo rack, at Royal Brinkman you can buy a wide range of plant support. Our bamboo materials are available in different lengths and widths. In addition to the plant supports, Royal Brinkman also offers binding materials, such as clips and rope. With the help of these binding materials, the growth of a plant is supported.

Bamboo racks

Bamboo racks are used, among other things, to guide plants along the bamboo rack. The assortment includes the bamboo u-bow and the traditional bamboo rack available in different types. The U-bow is mainly used to guide plants around. A bamboo U-arch can be used for example in the cultivation of orchids. 

Tonkin poles and bamboo poles

Tonkin and bamboo sticks, or plant sticks, are also used for the guidance and growth of plants. The bamboo sticks are made from a natural product and are available in different lengths and widths. Bamboo sticks are often called tonkin sticks, because this used to be a region in Vietnam where the sticks came from. Bamboo canes are used in both vegetable and ornamental cultivation. In vegetable cultivation the young plants are often still supported by bamboo poles. On the other hand, floriculture is often used to guide the plants and to give them the right shape. Planning to buy bamboo sticks, but you don't know which one? Our specialists in the packaging & design department will be happy to advise you on the possibilities. 
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