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Packaging films

Royal Brinkman has a wide range of packaging films. These have been separated into four different types of films and accessories.

Rose film

Rose film is specially made for packaging roses. With this film, roses are packed mechanically. This film can be ordered blank or printed.

Shrink film

Shrink wrap is used to seal cucumbers (and other vegetables). Cucumbers are sealed for various reasons. First, it extends the shelf life of the cucumber. When a cucumber is not packaged, it loses much more weight than when it is packaged. Another reason is hygiene during transport and in shops. When it is not packaged, it also spoils more quickly. There is a choice between recyclable and compostable shrink film.

Tube Natural Film

This is a clear film that is also used for the packaging of plants. The tube film is available in different sizes.

Wrapping film

Wrapping film is also known as stretch film or stretch film. In horticulture, wrapping film is often used to protect loads from damage. It also keeps dust and moisture out.
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