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In horticulture, various types of tape are used, such as duct tape, insulation tape and CO2 tape. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of tape for the application in horticulture. 


Tape is a product that does come in handy in every branch or sector, especially in the horticultural sector, where it is also used quite often. In addition to the general types of tape such as duct tape or adhesive tape, Royal Brinkman also supplies Nitto tape and duct tape, for example. Below we will briefly explain them for you.

Nitto Insulation Tape

Nitto insulation tape is a weatherproof tape that can withstand most alkalis, oils and acids. The tape is easy to handle at a low temperature.

Duct tape

Duct tape is self-adhesive and waterproof. It is very strong, but still easy to tear off in width. These features make the tape very suitable for emergency repairs.

CO2 tape

This tape is a variation on the normal duct tape. It is very flexible and has a waterproof coating. Furthermore, it has a low vapour permeability. However, this tape is less easy to tear off, as it is intended for heavier work.

Tesa Tape

Tesa tape is a masking tape for paint sprayers up to 100°C. It is flexible and thin, making it suitable for general masking applications. The tape is also resistant to wet sanding, and lacquer and fillers adhere well to the back. Tesa tape can be used on rubber, glass, chrome, and lacquered metal.

Maskin Good Tape

Masking Good tape is a single-sided adhesive tape made of crepe paper. It has a rubber-solvent adhesive. It is important to remove the tape within 24 hours after the work has been completed in order to avoid adhesive residues. A budget tape that is especially financially interesting when the tape only needs to be applied for a short period of time.

Tape Muscle Pack

This is a flexible and clear tape with a low noise level. Because there is a thick glue on this tape, it has a very high adhesion which makes the tape stand out. The tape retains this high adhesive strength even at low application temperatures.
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