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Photo studio and accessories

The photo studios from KH Photosupport are specially developed for making good product photos of floriculture products. When making a product photo, lighting is very importantnt, because of that KH Fotosupport works with special ring lighting. The photo studio can be suppllied in three versions: the Photo Studio Basic, Photo Studio Pro and a Photo Studio for Danisch Carts.
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Accessories photo studio

Various options and accessories are also available for t he photo studio variants. For example, the Photo Studio pro can be completely break-in-proof en closed dust-free using an electric roller door. You also can add a barcode reader as an option, which is efficient for scanning products. Another option is a special software that allows you to easily develop templates for the products on the clock front.

Guidance when purchasing a photo studio

When you purchase a KH Photo Studio, KH Photosupport always gives clear instructions on how to use the photo studio. KH Photosupport will set the settings of the camera right away. When using the photo studio, all your photos will have the same background and your products are displayed in the right colors. This is possible without resetting the camera.

Tips for making good product photos

A good product photo is becoming an increasingly important factor. Besides the purchase of the right photo studio, it is also important to know how to make a good qualitiy product photo. Please feel free to contact our specialists, they are happy to help you with buying the right photo studio. 

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