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Plant pots and plant containers

Plant pots and plant containers are an important part of many floriculture companies in professional greenhouse horticulture. Every crop has its own wishes and needs. That is why Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of different horticulture pots and horticulture containers.

Pots and plant containers for professional horticulture

Pots and plant containers are available in different sizes and designs. Initially two different plastic pots are available: injection moulding pots and thermoform pots. In addition to choosing one of these pots, you also have to take other factors into account, including the degree of the pot, type of soil, soil holes and the colour of the pot. At Royal Brinkman you will find various plastic pots for professional horticulture: pots, containers, plant trays and hanging pots. Moreover, you will not only find pots for pot plant cultivation, but also containers for a tree nursery, for example. Would you like to know which pot is most suitable for your crop? Our specialists will list a number of tips for choosing the right pot

Difference between plant pots and plant containers

Every type of plastic plant pot, nursery pot or plant container has its own properties. For example, there are both pottery and plastic plant pots available. But what exactly is the difference between a plant pot or nursery pot and a plant container? When we talk about the size, this is often referred to as a ''C'' or a ''P''. The ''C'' stands for plant container where the number behind it stands for the quantity in litres. On the other hand, the ''P'' stands for plant pot size where the number indicates the number of centimetres. Want to know which plastic plant pot size is suitable for your crop? Please contact one of our specialists.

Biodegradable plant pots

With the increasing attention for the use of plastic, biodegradable plant pots offer a solution. This Cocopot is made of natural coconut fibre. This biodegradable plant pot is fully compostable, so there are no landfill costs and environmental impact. Moreover, existing pots and trays are already often produced from recycled material. However, it is also increasingly demanded that plastic jars are recyclable.

Injection moulding pot vs. vacuum pot

When choosing plastic jars you can choose from several factors:
  • Injection moulding or themoform vacuum jars: Injection jars are often thick, which makes them feel firmer and can be recognized by the injection tip located at the bottom of the jar. Thermoform jars are more environmentally friendly because they are largely made of recyclable material. Thermoform pots are also smoother and easier to print than injection moulded pots. The thermoform segment has a D-Grade line that is made from 100% vegetable raw materials without oil-resistant parts. 
  • Size: For pots you can choose an angle of 5 degrees and an angle of 8 degrees. Both variants have some advantages and disadvantages such as the width of the bottom, rootable volume and the amount of potting soil needed. 
  • Bottom: The bottom of a pot is an important aspect. Three types of soil are used for pots: a high base, a flat base and a profile base. 
  • Bottom holes: a plastic pot can have a varied number of bottom holes. A pot with many soil holes has the advantage that it provides a faster exchange of water and air, faster and smoother moist substrate. 
Depending on these factors you choose the right pot. 

Pots as marketing item

Pots are often seen in black, terracotta or transparent. nowadays, the pot is also used as a marketing item: coloured pots to stand out, or printed pots as an information carrier. This makes your product stand out more on the shelf. 

Buy pots and containers

When buying pots and/or plant containers it is important that you always ask for good advice. Would you like tailor-made advice? Feel free to contact one of our specialists. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days. Moreover, you can easily and quickly order pots at royalbrinkman.com. You can also see your personal prices online.

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